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Our collection tells the remarkable stories of true craftsmen whose hands have absorbed years of knowledge, and who do things their way. The right way. Without cutting corners or compromising on quality. Join us down the road less travelled, made out of miles and miles of hand stitches.

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At House Of Reza, you always find a complete collection of ready-to-wear menswear. All our modern and timeless pieces are based on our belief that craft is key. Call it an old world approach with a modern look and feel. Tailored to perfection with the right cut and the right chord. It’s those kinds of details that define you as a man for all seasons.

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Established in 1988

Reza Eslahy is the founder of House Of Reza. For Reza, fashion retail is all about attention to detail. Born with an undeniable excitement for adventure, form, and fashion, Reza moved to The Netherlands in 1988 to further explore his heart and soul. After working in the fashion industry for over twenty years and becoming a social media luminary, he decided to create his own path. With his heart, soul and creative ideas as his compass, he built a road that allowed him to stand out and set the benchmark for high-quality menswear.

He launched his REZA brand in 2016 and opened his store in Den Bosch several months later. Both his store and webshop quickly became safe havens for men who prefer to express their identity with distinct style and quality. Who value timeless pieces where crafted people have put a lot of work, care and attention into.



Follow the tread

It’s hard not to fall in love with Porto. There’s history there. True history. Old world stuff. Every now and then you can find us roaming the backstreets where large manufacturers never set foot. Visiting workshops that date back generations. Where the finest fabrics are still handcrafted with humility and a sense of tradition.

Our local suppliers do things in a very unique way. They deliver qualities you can never reproduce with less than ten, fifteen years of experience under your belt. It takes a special kind of genius to live a life where every stitch counts. It’s the kind of crazy we like to do business with. Because people like that truly make a difference.

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