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Let your personality be the compass to discover and express the real you.

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Come to where the tradition is

The Portuguese have an eye for history, tradition and the finer things in life. Porto is not only a source for many high-quality fabrics, but also home to many old school master tailors who put heart and soul in their craftwork. In their workshops, amazing skills are passed onto future generations. There’s quality, style and attention to detail everywhere you look. That makes it the perfect origin of our collection.

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Discover the real you

Our skilled staff will gladly take you on a journey to discover the real you. With fashionable items that define and express who you are and what it is you stand for. Private shopping is available upon request. NEW: our second store in Breda (Wilhelminastraat 29).


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We are always in pursuit of perfection to let you discover and express the real you. Let your personality be the compass to your own style.