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Reza Eslahy

Born with an undeniable excitement for adventure, form, and fashion, Reza moved to The Netherlands in 1988 to further explore his heart and soul. After working in the fashion industry for over twenty years and becoming a social media luminary, he decided he wanted to do more than just execute other people’s ideas. He wanted to make his own dreams come true.

image: Reza Eslahy

The journey begins

Late 2016, the brand REZA was founded and the next phase of his journey started. Within the first half of 2017, a store has opened in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands and the webshop is online. But more importantly, Reza has found a way to express his passion by creating a menswear collection of modern and timeless pieces based on his own creative style. Rooted in fashion, but with a leading personal identity.

image: The journey begins

What we do

The REZA collection is a complete ready-to-wear menswear collection using carefully selected, high quality materials that enhance the perfect fit we always strive for. We work together with the best craftsmen, having years of experience, passed on from generation to generation.

image: What we do


We carry a wide range of the highest quality fabrics made from natural resources, such as merino wool, the finest cotton and linen. We handpick every fabric ourselves, making sure we maintain our high standard.

image: Materials

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